“Design is love, Emotion, logic, excitement, creativity, experience, and most importantly you. This is what leads us in fennoma, when we design functional products that solve everyday problems.”

Itay hadad

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About fennoma

Fennoma is a global brand of functional and stylish household innovations. Our products have been designed with one mission in mind: for our clients to have a phenomenal experience while using ordinary things at home.

Fennoma creates innovative and highly efficient household solutions that make life easier and more comfortable for our clients. It offers the best selection of highly functional and innovative home, kitchen, and leisure products for everyday use. Our creations are a product of our deep love for creativity, innovation, and efficiency.
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It All Started With a Kitchen Magnet Towel

The company has been in operation since 2008, with its initial launching of the B4market brand. It all began with a kitchen magnet towel, a cloth that sticks to the refrigerator without needing a wall hook or a towel hanger.

The practicality and novelty of the kitchen magnet towel made it simpler and easier to keep your kitchen towel handy and dry than ever before. It combines the function of two things in one product, making it a time-saving kitchen tool for homemakers. Soon, word spread about the product and it became a bestseller, selling over (quantity) to date.

In 2017, the company is opening its doors to the global market with the launch of Fennoma. Fennoma is taken from the word phenomenal, which aptly describes the exceptional experience of thousands of satisfied clients while using Fennoma products.
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The Creative Force Behind Fennoma

Fennoma was started by product designer and entrepreneur Itay Hadad. From 2005, Itay devoted his time to developing and designing household products that would help improve everyday life. He continued to pursue his passion for inventing products as he has a natural talent to see things beyond their normal limits or common functions.

Entrepreneurs would often seek his advice about product concept and design, as they recognized Itay’s originality and design intelligence. Today, he has designed bestselling household products. He is committed to add value to home life by continuing to create household solutions that reflect design innovation and excellence.

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We are always looking for the next thing

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